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SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship Quotes and Photos

Quotes from SEA-HVO Traveling Fellows

"The month in Tanzania was a learning experience for me on several levels. It was a refresher in the basics of anesthesia and a great way to learn about agents that I have never or rarely used (ether, halothane, ketamine)...I was exposed everyday, both inside and out of the hospital, to a way of life that I had read about but couldn’t really imagine. Seeing the challenges faced by the people in Tanzania has given me an entirely new appreciation for life here that I probably could not have gained but for such an experience."
-Cynthia Hines, MD (Tanzania)

"The SEA-Katz Fellowship was the educational highlight of my residency. I...recently received...a brief note from one of the veteran Bugando nurse anesthetists. Her call for additional volunteers is compelling evidence that the HVO mission must continue and expand."
-Christopher DiMeo, MD (Tanzania)

"This past month has been an incredibly positive time in my life. It has been a time of reflection, personal education, teaching and excitement...All in all, this was a highly valuable experience for me."
-Ralph Bethea, MD (Tanzania)

"Each morning at 7:30 there is a morning report in which the...students will present the cases of the day. about any pitfalls/concerns regarding the surgical procedure and patient co-morbidities that are relevant. This is teaching does sharpen your skills as you prepare to be an attending experience at BMC was invaluable to my life in general. I feel as if I was able to make a true contribution to the education of others and to do what physicians do...heal and serve."
-Robert O’Bannon III, MD (Tanzania)

"The cultural, medical, religious, and social issues were so great that it was impossible to determine the best teaching methodology prior to visiting the site and experiencing some of these differences. Consequently, my time in Mwanza taught me much more than I was able to teach others, but I believe that I achieved my objectives, and I was sad to say good-bye to my students and the OR staff."
-Jan-Michael Gruber, MD (Tanzania)

"I commented on several items that could be improved upon at the hospital to make anesthesia practice safer and more efficient. Examples included the use of identity bracelets for the patient, and the availability of a difficult airway cart. Although each hospital had their own form of Grand Rounds, they did not have an active Morbidity and Mortality Conference that I expressed as immensely useful particularly for the residents.
The food is fabulous in Peru, and if you are a little adventurous you will have an amazing culinary experience."

-Greg Neukirchner, MD (Peru)

"I owe much appreciation to...the many residents and anesthesiologists in Lima and Arequipa who welcomed me with open arms, shared their culture with me, and taught me at least as much as I taught them..."
-Sara Goldhaber-Fiebert (Peru)

SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship Photos

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Hockert1 Hockert2 Kapoor Snell Brooksby
Hayhurst1 Hayhurst2 Hsu1 Hsu2 Titilopemi
Lee1 Lee2 Eromo1 Eromo2

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