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The SEA is proud to be a member-driven organization, dedicated to the teaching and development of future anesthesiologists, and to the advancement of those who educate them.

Advancement of Technology in Education

   Chair of Committee   
   Swapna Chaudhuri, MD, PhD   
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   Designee Chair of Committee   
   John Lawrence, MD, MEd, MBA
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Committee Goals and Objectives


Advance the use of technology to support educational programs by the members.


  • Advance the implementation of technology in support of medical education in anesthesiology
  • Provide society members with a useful and functional website that is an effective means of communication of key events and important society information
  • Encourage sharing of educational knowledge amongst society members, as well as others interested in education
  • Maintain the website in a manner that promotes the best interest of the society


  • Introduce members to various technological tools that can be help anesthesiology educators and their learners through presentations and workshops
  • Provide scientific information about medical education, and instructive tips that can enhance the educator’s ability to teach and learn, in a question-answer format, through the use of a web-based learning tool
  • Work with the society leaders and other committee chairs to update their website pages on a regular basis in order to keep their information current


Members of Committee

William H. Alarcon, MD 

Jeffrey Berger, MD, MBA 

Ira Todd Cohen, MD 
Paula Craigo, MD 
Jo Davies, MB, BS, FRCA 

Nina Deutsch, MD 

Jane Easdown, MD, MHPE 

Jonathan Hastie, MD 

Adrian Hendrickse, BM 

Paul Kranner, MD 
Viji Kurup, MD 
Bryan Mahoney, MD
John Mitchell, MD 
Sam Mireles, MD
Annette Mizuguchi, MD, PhD 
Ken Moran, MD

Heather Nixon, MD 

Kristin Ondecko Ligda, MD

Shobana Rajan, MD 

Doreen Soliman, MD 

Suzanne Strom, MD 

Tracey Straker, MD 

Ravi Tripathi, MD

Dustin Tsitouris, MD 

Michael Wiisanen, MD 

Ankeet Udani, MD, MEd