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Volume I - Issue I :: January-April 1999


A "Virtual" Electronic Journal: Interactive, Innovative, Interdisciplinary and International
Saundra E. Curry, MD; Armin Schubert, MD, MBA


Continuing Medical Education and The Anesthesiologist
John E. Tetzlaff, MD; Peter Schoenwald, MD; Donna Jackman; Jan Smith

The Perceived Value of the American Board of Anesthesiology Certificate: A Survey of 2,000 Anesthesiologists
Georgia Panagopoulos, PhD

Recruitment of House Staff into Anesthesiology: Factors Responsible for House Staff Selecting Anesthesiology as a Career and Individual Training Program
C. Thomas Wass, MD; Steven H. Rose, MD; Ronald J. Faust, MD; Kenneth P. Offord, MS; Ann M. Harris, BA

Volume I - Issue II :: May - August 1999


Organization of a Comprehensive Anesthesiology Oral Practice Examination Program: Planning, Structure, Startup, Administration, Growth and Evaluation
Armin Schubert, MD; John Tetzlaff, MD; Michael Licina, MD; Arthur Barnes, MD; Edward Mascha, MS; Michael P. Smith, MD MSEd

Evaluation, Feedback and Remediation in Anesthesiology Residency Training: A Survey of 124 United States Programs
Meg A. Rosenblatt, M.D, Scott A. Schartel, D.O.

Problem-Based Learning in Anesthesiology: An Evaluative Study of a Medical Student Clerkship
David W. Musick, PhD; Christopher L. Montgomery, MD; Norman W. Pedigo, PhD

Volume I - Issue III :: September-December 1999


Anesthesiology Resident Evaluation Practices: Beginning at Square One
Armin Schubert, MD


Creation of a Perioperative Medicine Curriculum for an Anesthesiology Residency Program
John E. Tetzlaff, MD; Walter Maurer, MD; James Munis, MD PhD

Electronic Library Supplement (Non-peer Reviewed Articles):

Successful Interactive Large Group Teaching
Lindsey Henson, MD PhD

Improving the Anesthesiology Clerkship for Medical Students
Yuan-Chi Lin, MD MPH