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Volume VII - Issue I :: January-June 2005


The Behavioral Interview, A Method To Evaluate ACGME Competencies In Resident Selection - A Pilot Project
L. Jane Easdown MD, Peter L. Castro MD MBA, Erin P. Shinkle MBA, Leah Small MBA, John Algren MD

Leadership Challenges in Academic Anesthesiology
Berend Mets, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D., FRCA, FFA(SA)

Volume VII - Issue II :: January-June 2005


Systems Based Practice and Anesthesiology Residency: Report from the SEA Task Force on the ACGME Core Competencies
Ira Todd Cohen, MD, FAAP, ABA, Karen Souter, MB, BS, FRCA, Susan Tebich, MD.

Peer Review Interrater Reliability of Scientific Abstracts: A Study of an Anesthesia Subspecialty Society
Ira Todd Cohen, MD, FAAP, ABA, Kantilal Patel, PhD

Wireless Handheld Computers May Aide Resident Workflow and Learning
Frank J. Overdyk, MSEE, MD, Mathew McEvoy, MD

A Simulation Course for a Senior Medical Student Elective in Anesthesiology
Steven L. Orebaugh, MD, William McIvor, MD, Ryan Romeo, MD, Patricia Dalby, MD, Derek Davis, MD.

SEA Spring Abstracts:

Armin Schubert, MD, MBA
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  1. Mastery Learning Model for Assessing Competency of Medical Students Using Portfolios
  2. The Role of the Anesthesia Morbidity and Mortality Conference at a Teaching Hospital
  3. Unique Method of Teaching Root Cause Analysis Using a Simulated Case Scenario
  4. Patient-centered Communication in the Preoperative Visit, a Systematic Study
  5. Assessing Airway Management Education for Non-Anesthesiologists
  6. Assessing a PBLD for Medical Students on Pediatric Pain Management
  7. Retention of Knowledge after an Integrated One Hour Pediatric Airway Management Course
  8. Strategies for Identifying and Assisting Residents Who are Having Difficulty during Their Cardiac Anesthesia Rotation
  9. Design of a Cost-Effective Analysis of the Implementation of a Difficult Airway Curriculum
  10. Outcomes of Categorical Versus Advanced Residents-The University of Wisconsin Experience
  11. What Priorities Do Medical Students Use in Choosing a Residency Program
  12. Training with Whole Task Human Simulation Improves Difficult Airway Competency in Anesthesiology Residents
  13. Resident Education on Medical Mission Trips
  14. Continuing Medical Education Program Introducing yourself to the Evolution of the Individualized Airway Algorithm
  15. The Junior Attending Rotation A System Based Curriculum for Senior Anesthesiology Residents
  16. Integrating ACGME Competencies: A Novel Approach Undertaken in the Preoperative Assessment Clinic
  17. Transition to Practice (TTP): A Pilot Pgy 4 Private Practice Clinical Simulation Designed to refine and Assess ACGME Core Competencies
  18. Development of an Academic Remediation Policy
  19. A Usability and Cost-Effectiveness Comparison of Popular Test Creation Software
  20. A Competency-Based Approach to A Substance Abuse Education Program
  21. "Play it Again Sam" A New Approach to Simulation
  22. A Study of a 360-Degree Assessment Instrument For PACU Education and Evaluation
  23. Implementing the ACGME Competencies through Curricular
  24. "Guess What I' ve Given". Medication Errors from the Supervisor's Perspective