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Volume XIV - Issue I :: January-June 2012


Anesthesia machine checkout and room setup: a randomized, single-blind, comparison of two teaching modalities
Christina M. Spofford, MD, PhD; Emine O. Bayman, PhD; Debra J. Szeluga, MD, PhD; Robert P. From, DO

Volume XIV - Issue II :: January-June 2012


Assessing the Impact of a Regional Anesthesia Workshop on Anesthesiology Residents’ Perceived Comfort in Performing Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Susan M. Martinelli, MD; Hanni Monroe, MD; Randall Coombs, MD; Natalie Miller, BA; Andrey Borstov, MD, PhD; Victoria Salo-Coombs, BSN, JD

Volume XIV - Issue III :: July-December 2012


The impact of an ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia workshop on resident knowledge: a pilot study
Jaime Ortiz, MDS

Volume XIV - Issue IV:: July-December 2012


Summer anesthesiology externship: Demonstrating the ability of early clinical involvement to educate and increase specialty interest among junior medical students

Kevin S. Baker, MD; Daniel Cormican, MD; Peggy A Seidman, MD

Volume XIV - Issue V:: July-December 2012


Does anesthesiology residency training result in decreasing intraoperative drug cost from a resident’s first to second month’s experience in adult cardiac anesthesiology?
Johannes W. Steyn, MD; David M. Broussard, MD, MBA; Neil DiGiovanni, MD; Sheena Babin, PharmD; Adrianna C. Dornelles, MS, ScD