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Volume XVII - Issue I:: January-June 2015


The Effect of Previous Resident Interactions on the Assessment of Interpersonal and Communication Skills by Teaching Faculty: Are We the Best Evaluators?
Andrew B. Casabianca, MD; Jeffrey S. Berger, MD; Thomas J. Papadimos, MD; Amy Capwell-Burns, PhD

Volume XVII - Issue II:: July-December 2015


Favorable Trends for a Decade: Increasing Pass Rates on The American Board of Anesthesiology Examinations
John L. Falcone, MD, MS

Volume XVIII - Issue III:: July-December 2015


Systematic Postoperative Nausea Prophylaxis Feedback Improves Clinical Performance in Anesthesiology Residents
Nathaniel H. Greene, MD; Peter A. Norstedt, MD; Bala G. Nair, Ph.D.; Karen J. Souter, MD

Volume XVII - Issue IV:: July-December 2015


Assessing the Academic Productivity of Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) Resident Scholars
Eleanor Anne Vega, MD; Dawn Dillman, MD; Paloma Toledo, MD, MPH; Jeffrey R. Kirsch, MD