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Volume XVIII - Issue I :: July – December 2016


Gender Diversity in Anesthesiology Programs: The Role of Current Residents and Department Leadership in the 2014 Match Results
Paul W. Kranner, MD; Denise A. Mussehl, MS, C-TAGME; Aaron S. Hess, MD, PhD

APEP – Anesthesiology Preceptorship Enrichment Program…A Popular Student Curriculum AND a Recruiting Tool?
Amy M. Murray, MD; Michael T. Wiisanen, MD

Goal-Oriented Anesthesia Week for MS III Students
Margaret A. O’Donoghue MD; Jeffrey Martel, MD

Ultrasound Skill and Application of Knowledge Assessment using an Innovative OSCE Competition-Based Simulation Approach
Annette Rebel, MD; Habib Srour, MD; Amy DiLorenzo, MA; Dung Nguyen, MD; Shelly Ferrell, MD; Sanjay Dwarakanath, MD; Emily Haas, MS; Randall M. Schell, MD, MACM