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The SEA is proud to be a member-driven organization, dedicated to the teaching and development of future anesthesiologists, and to the advancement of those who educate them.

How SEA Has Benefited Me

Jane Easdown, MD
Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Vanderbilt University

I have been an active member of the SEA since 1999. I remember my first meeting very well. I joined a workshop on “improving your competency committee” and was thrilled to learn that other programs had similar problem to our own. I came back with references, good contacts and a game plan for what to do and we did indeed improve that committee. My notes from each SEA meeting are full of “great ideas” for trying out at home. My membership in SEA has helped me to advance my career in medical education by creating opportunities for scholarly exchange of information on teaching. In addition to helping with my teaching skills, I have had opportunities to submit abstracts, present posters, give presentations and workshops. These are all skills that are difficult to learn in education circles.  I look forward to the resources being added on the website and future meetings.

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