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The SEA is proud to be a member-driven organization, dedicated to the teaching and development of future anesthesiologists, and to the advancement of those who educate them.


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Is your inbox overflowing with files you are sending back and forth? Do you wish you had a blackboard to announce and share information with your students and colleagues?

Here are some tools for communication and collaboration:

  • Creating a Google account
  • Need a tool to write a collaborative paper?
      • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides let you upload documents, share, edit collaboratively and store securely.
      • Have you been using Microsoft Office to create elaborate documents that you want to share and work on with others? Then Office might be the better solution for you.
  • You have all these great images on your desktop and no way to share them with others? Try Google Picasa.
  • Wiki What? A wiki is a is a group of web pages that enables simple contribution and modification of contents by all the users who access it. Try Google's free wiki, Google Sites.
  • Instead of magnets on your refrigerator, how about scheduling your kids' soccer appointments, your research deadlines, the SEA's educational meetings with different color codes in a Google Calendar. You can even send invitations and RSVPs and share your calendars.
  • A global online medical education community? Too good to be true? Check out MedEdWorld, an international network through which organizations, medical schools and individual teachers can share ideas, experiences and expertise and collaborate in the further development of medical education. In the MedEdWorld Update you will find information about medical education conferences, interesting journal articles, educational and learning resources, news items, special interest groups, forums and much more. The items have been submitted by contributing editors around the world, bringing together a wealth of interests and experiences.