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The SEA is proud to be a member-driven organization, dedicated to the teaching and development of future anesthesiologists, and to the advancement of those who educate them.

Global Outreach

 Chair of Committee,
Director of SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowships
 Jo M. Davies, MB, BS, FRCA 
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 Designee Chair of Committee,
Co-Director of SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowships
 Viji Kurup, MD 
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 Ex-officio Director of SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowships 
 Lena E. Dohlman, MD, MPH 
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Committee Mission Statement

The committee works through education and overseas teaching Fellowships to promote the safety and quality of anesthetics given in the developing world. The committee encourages SEA members to learn lessons about intercultural communication, conservation of resources, and management of conditions not commonly seen in the US.

Goals and Objectives

  • Maintain the number of scholarships for the SEA HVO Traveling Fellowship.
  • Help improve the committee’s portion of the SEA web site.
  • Work on summary teaching aids for the developing world.
  • We will continue to try to improve the SEA web site as a resource for anesthesiologists interested in working in a developing country as educators or for professional development.
  • We will continue to develop Teaching Aids for students in developing countries, with a view to distributing them through mobile apps and educational websites, as well as sending them in digital format with SEA/HVO Fellows when they go on their trips. We will be using the Stanford and Harvard emergency checklists in addition to our own, with plans to adapt them (with the backing of the authors) to specific sites.
  • Lena Dohlman has set up a Global Health program at Harvard and is working with colleagues from this committee and outside to develop a Global Health curriculum to base other programs on.
  • To create a roster of former Fellows to see whether they have stayed in academics and if they have continued to volunteer. 

The SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship

  1. Application information and form
  2. Goals and objectives (full version for registered users only)
  3. Health Volunteers Overseas Website
  4. Fellowship Donors

    2017-2018 Super Donors 

      • Ronald L. Katz
      • Gary Loyd
      • Chris and Rebecca Dobson x2
      • Jo Davies/Lena Dohlman
      • Lisa Feintech x2
      • SEA x2
  5. How to Donate
  6. SEA Traveling Fellows
  7. 2013 fellowslunch
  8. Previous SEA-HVO Traveling Fellows (coming soon)
  9. Quotes & Photos from Fellowship Trips
  10. Tips & Resources for Teaching in a Developing Country
  11. INTERNATIONAL ROTATIONS RESOURCES - Useful Information for residents, SEA-HVO Fellows and Program Directors
  12. International Opportunities

Golden Apple Award

Congratulations to Jo Davies MB, BS, FRCA on receiving the Golden Apple Award! Click here for details.

Members of Committee

 Shane Angus, MSA
 Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA 
 Mark Brouilette, MD
 Jane Easdown, MD 
 Mark J. Harris, MD, MPH

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